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A Simple Cloud-based system.

ClickPOS is a retail management software designed to manage inventory, sales & a customer receipt. Because its cloud based, it is easy & cheaper to setup. You never have to worry about backing up your data or maintain servers. 
For management, you have full access to the system, even when working remotely.



Complete Point of Sale.

If you have retail presence, we supply all the relevant tools, like receipt printers, barcode scanners, cash-drawers and Eftpos merchant facility. Simply scan product barcode and tender the payment by cash, card or even account customer payments.  
A customer receipt is printed and the cash-drawer opens. 


Mobile invoicing.

For those working remotely, like trades people or professional service providers, you can create an invoice for services or spare parts used & email customers receipt while you are on site. 
ClickPOS even includes ability to charge credit card without using a bank pinpad, simply enter credit card details and payment is processed. 



Barcodes and Labels.

Create your own barcodes. For those who like to attach pricing labels on products, we support label printers which prints as you add stock. We support several sizes of adhesive labels, even jewellery labels.





Stock Inventory.

You can Import suppliers product catalogue, create purchase orders, stocktake, transfer stock between stores, repair tracking, create pricing labels, shelve labels.
We supply pocket sized Bluetooth scanners, so you can perform stocktake direct to your smart phone or tablet.


EFTPOS & Card Payment Gateway.

ClickPOS are certified by leading EFTPOS integrators to offer you a simple integration to your merchant banking requirements. 

You can even charge when card is not present. You can also integrate other forms of payment processing, like pay-pal.


Integration to Xero accounting software.


Powerful integration to Xero including Sale, Purchases, Suppliers, Account customer tracking, and Staff and Time-sheets. Define your own chart of accounts. For those operating multiple entities in ClickPOS can integrate to multiple instances of Xero. 

Here are some Youtube videos on ClickPOS.

   ClickPOS used in a Café

  ClickPOS used in a Telstra Shop


EFTPOS Integration demonstration  

 Daily SMS sent to you-Sales,performance


ClickPOS sponsors Leading Edge Telecom

  ClickPOS beautifully integrated to Xero


Used by following industries
 Telco retail   Gift ware
 Mobile sales
 Apparel/Footwear  Trades people
 Food & Bev 
   & many other industries.

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