New look Sale Screen
Release :August 2014

The new Sale Screen is much more visually pleasing, especially for those using speed sale
buttons. It now features multiple category levels, parked Sales button which populates all parked
sales buttons for multiple till scenarios and payment tender now appears as a pop-up.

  Click here for help guide

Reconcile Revenue - Import Remittance 
Industry : Telecommunications retail specific
Release : May 2014

The new feature gives you the power to upload the entire Telstra remittance advice and reconcile at the same time.


Credit Card Surcharge
 Release : May 2014

You can now charge your clients a credit card surcharge. The Payment Tender 
buttons can now include a % or a $ amount for surcharge on any  payment type, 
Used mainly for charging credit card payments, system automatically calculates 
and adds an additional dollar amount on the receipt.


Stocktake Adjustments

Once you finalise a Stocktake, system includes an option to adjust stock.


Integration to PC-Eftpos
ClickPOS is now certified by PC-Eftpos which means we can integrate your Eftpos terminal to all the big banks. 
We are also certified by Payment Express, supporting Bank West and ANZ bank.


Xero integration upgrades
Released : May 2014  

Several upgrades include:
  Batching all journal entries for COGS. One tick approval for the day
  Rather than transaction at a time. Changes you make to Expected carrier revenue, is reflected into Xero.
  Supplier Credit notes is now transferred
  Supplier Payment terms can now be set as Payable by EOM rather than a fixed number of days.



Adhesive pricing labels
Released : July 2014
Now there is a smaller labels for barcoding and  pricing products.
There are many choice of labels, such as removable labels (for gift stores), synthetic material labels (used for items under bright lights, water resistant)
Specify your requirements, Visit our website to order.  
New Label Size: 40mm x 15mm  2000 per roll

T-Smart Integration
Industry : Telecommunications retail specific

T-Smart is a software provided by one of our partners which calculates employee
 commission to sales reps on their performance.  Further info and pricing available soon.