This area will cover basic trial and error elimination process involved when troubleshooting ClickPOS login or other random issues.
First and foremost - ClickPOS is in the cloud and relies 100% on an internet connection.
As we are on the internet, majority of issues experienced by users revolve heavily on PC settings, sturdy internet connections and firewall solutions.

Before calling ClickPOS support (03 9092 5300) please ensure that it is not your PC or internet connection.
We also advise that PC's have the required setting applied for optimum performance in order to troubleshoot effectively, 
Click here to directed to the Internet Explorer setup instructions 
If these settings are not adhered too, ClickPOS support will just take you through them first anyway.
So you may as well ensure they are complete prior to the call (if required) to save time.

Internet Connection Issues:

Unable to access ClickPOS login page (404 Errors - Unable to load the webpage or webpage cannot be found or similar)
These are by far the most common errors experienced. It simply means that the page cannot be opened for one reason or another.

Steps in ensuring it is not your PC or Internet Connection

1. Test using another internet connection / device
Grab a mobile device that is utilising mobile internet and not connected to the same network as the PC (wifi).
Test by going to clickpos.net/login from your mobile web browser (any browser will work)
If unsuccessful, call ClickPOS support immediately on 03 9092 5300 (Option 2) 
If successful, then ClickPOS is not the issue. Follow basic internet troubleshooting procedures by power cycling routers, rebooting servers, etc..
If still unsuccessful, Contact your I.T consultant or Internet Service Provider

2. Don't have access to a mobile device?!
Delete all temporary internet files and cookies from the PC
(open internet explorer > go to tools menu > internet options > Delete button under browsing history > delete cookies and temp internet files) 
Once files have been deleted, close all browser windows, open Internet Explorer (or equivalent) and proceed to ClickPOS.
If successful, then relax and have a great day!
If unsuccessful, go to a website other than what you would normally go to.
(try www.disney.com or www.nasa.com as i  know you would not have been there recently, if at all)
If unsuccessful, try another site and if still unsuccessful then follow basic internet troubleshooting procedure. 
If still unsuccessful, Contact your I.T consultant or Internet Service Provider

Receive a webapp in login server error (or similar) after entering my details to login. 

1. Call ClickPOS support Immediately on 03 9092 5300 (Option 2)

Receive a stop message indicating that i do not have access to any branches

1. Contact your system administrators explaining that you are not assigned to a branch
If you are an administrator - Proceed to Maintain, System Admin, Employees,
Search for the employee raising the issue and ensure they are assigned to the branch in the branch selection area of their employee file