Download: Label Printer 
(Files Included in Zip file: regsvr32, dirprint.dll)


Before Installation you must register the dirprint.dll which allows you to print from Internet Explorer

1. Click on the link "Label Printer" above.^

2. Click "open", then click "browse" to C: drive on your PC, then click "Unzip"

3. Identify your PC's  version of Windows and execute the following command by typing or copy &
    pasting exactly as displayed:

"C:\regsvr32.exe" "C:\dirprint.dll" 

If running Windows XP:
 - Click Start menu button.
 - Click run and copy the command exactly the way it is then click OK.

If running Windows Vista / Windows 7:
 - Click Start menu button, then type "CMD" in the bottom search box. 
 - This will display CMD in the list, right click and then run as Administrator.

 If running Windows 8:
 - Hold ÿ + X to open the Power User Menu and select Command Prompt Administrator.
 - When the CMD box appears, type or paste the command in exactly as displayed then hit enter.

 System should display a successfully registered window.

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