Welcome to your Initial ClickPOS Training

In this area you will be guided through all the basic requirements involved in setting up, through to going live with ClickPOS. Training is entirely at your pace and the skills acquired from initial training will help establish ClickPOS within your environment quickly and painlessly.

New clients also have access to complimentary ‘one on one’ verbal training with a member of the ClickPOS support team. If you are a new client and have not spoken to member of the support team regarding your training requirements, Stop reading and call 03 9092 5300 (option 2) and request verbal training.
You can then resume this later if required.

Verbal training will help identify additional requirements and training will be then customised to suit your environment.
ClickPOS is customisable, so there are many areas of flexibility to discuss. Call now to avoid change later.

Training should take no more than a day or so. It is implementing what you have learned that takes time.
Stock management will take up majority of your initial implementation time.
So be prepared for some repetitive work that will not allow corning cutting.
'Though we may have some tricks to help deploy info quickly.' - That will be discussed further with your verbal trainer.

A big warm welcome and happy training!

The ClickPOS Team