1.  Login / Logout of ClickPOS

Login & Logout

  2.  Suppliers & Product Management

Create Supplier
Product Maintain
Tariff Plan (Advanced)
Change Sale Prices
3.  Basic Maintenance (administration)

Add Maintain Employees
Payment Types for Tender
Store Information Maintenance
Customer Card File
  4.  Adding Inventory to ClickPOS

Purchase Orders
Add directly to Stock (Bypass Order)
5.  Making Sales in ClickPOS

Basic Product Sale
Advanced Product Sale
Adding Customers to Invoices
Phone Sale
Applying Discounts
Performing a Refund
6.  End of Day Process

Daily Reconciliation
Time Sheets

  9.  Add-Ons

Xero Financial Integration
ClickPOS Financial Integration (MYOB, QB)
DPS (EFTPOS Integration)