ClickPOS App User Training Videos

Below are examples of how to operate ClickPOS App, typically for a Food and Beveridge business
The app software can be applied to any service business and is not limited to food.
In fact use ClickPOS App for any service industry to produce invoice to a customer. 

Cashier Training 

The Cashier training is all about taking customer orders and processing payments. 

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   Training ID  Name  Minutes  
  UT100  How to Sign In & Open Register and Simple sale 
 Learn to Sign in, Open register and Simple sale
   UT122  Sale with Delivery, Park Sale and Split pay 
 Learn how to Sell to a telephone order, customer pays on delivery, so
 Park sale until payment is received, and create other sales with split pay.
   UT124  Sale with Customer Pickup 
 Learn how to create a sale where a customer will pickup order personally
   UT128  Edit sale using right side window
 Learn how to modify sold items, quantity, sale price and add notes.
 Also total deletion of invoice.
   UT130  Various search options and scan barcode 
 Learn to Search products to sell, the use of iPad Camera as a
 barcode scanner, and standard scanner for selling packaged items
   UT150  Sale Refund
 Learn how to Refund a product and print refund receipt
   UT195  Close Register and Logout
 Learn how to Close at end of day or shift and logout of system

Initial Setup and Administration of system

Use the following videos to get started and future maintenance for adding new employees, products or services.

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   Training ID  Name  Minutes  
   AT20  Add your employees
 Learn how to add your Employees into ClickPOS App
   AT30  Add your Products & Services
 Learn how to add Products you supply, including category
 and sub category with Variant options

Hardware Setup

The section below guides you through hardware setup, such as printers and system settings

   Training ID  Name  Minutes
   HW90  Elo PayPoint register basics
 Learn basics of Elo PayPoint register.
 Elo paypoint is an all in one register designed for iPads.
 Simply turn your iPad into a point of sale system.