ClickPOS has been servicing the telecom retail industry since 1994. Our clients include Telstra Licenced Shops, Vodafone, Optus and business dealers providing complex telco requirement for their clients.

ClickPOS is used primarily for creating invoices by selling combinations of handsets, with imei numbers, plans with contract details, assigning all details to a customer. When each sale is complete ClickPOS extracts the remuneration offered by service provider ready for reconciliation. It includes tailored reports such by sales rep, handset, plan total with Gross Profit details. See screenshots below.

  User friendly sale options
  Tariff plan matrix & templates
   Carrier, plan & serialised IMEI tracking/reporting
Carrier revenue calculated on each transaction
Carrier revenue reconciliation
Device repairs / returns & loan phone tracking
Performance reports by sales rep, store and franchise stores

The sale screen for selling services, accessories and adding customer information

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The Phone Sale tab. Designed to sell handsets & plans

 Telecommunications Industry Features  
   Point of Sale
Save time and avoid typing errors, by using a barcode scanner. Ca    ptures Customer details, Handset type, contract plan, carrier, contract number, mobile number, and user defined requests such as Insurance, finance and so on. All relevant details displayed on customers receipt. Once a handset is sold, system automatically captures all relevant revenue from carrier, reps commission. All you have to do is reconcile the revenue.
 width="45"  Stock Control
Caters for serialised and imei and sim tracking. The phone addition screen is designed specially for cellular shops. All stock entry uses the barcode scanner to capture imei/esn/sim numbers.
   Phone Repairs
Keeps full track of repairs, notifying each stage of repair and costing. You can even view faulty phones by handset type, and by particular imei number. Allows DOA’s and ELF swaps automatically. Produce a receipt copy for customer and the repair centre. In-built Loan Phone tracking allows control of loan phones for each repair.
   Plan Templates
Build unlimited Carriers, plans, phones, price for each combination and assign revenue from carrier, such as Commission, Rebate, Bonus’ including reps commission. Revenue reconciliation is a simple process of confirming the expected amount from carrier is correct, even easier if your carrier supplies you with a soft copy (eg CSV format) of remittance.

   SMS Your Customers
Inbuilt sms feature sends a user defined sms to all clients that are due to come off contract. You can specify days before they are due to expire. This feature alone will keep customers coming back to you.
We can even set up the system so each night management receive automatic sms specifying number of connections for each store.
Dozens of tailored phone reports are included in the system, such as Phones sold on particular plan, by carrier, by plan, by sales representative. Revenue and outstanding reports. Even customers coming off contract, so you can contact them for a re-sign.

Targets - Employee/Store
Specify Targets for Employees and stores, on Gross Profit, and quantity of plan sales.

Xero Accounting Integration
Integrates expected carrier revenue details, grouped by revenue type.
Telstra Specific
Optional services include;
    Telco Alliance : Maintenance of Tariff plan structure, handset plan, carrier revenue details, Brightstar VSO integration
    Supplier alliance : Displaying product catalogue from Brightstar, Force accessories, CMI accessories. This features is a free service which avoids manual entry of new products on the market.

Telstra video
Activation import, item sale, Eftpos, Docket

CEC  counter
Siebel QR Code

SMS feature
Telstra conference